VIVO World Cup Contest

Vivo Predictor Play & Win

  1. When you enter & participate in the Vivo Predictor Play & Win ("The Contest") you accept that you participate in the contest in accordance with these terms & conditions & any other material in relation to the contest that may be published on the web choice online website.
  2. Every entry to participate in the Contest must be made by a natural person (the "Participant" or the "Participants") on the official challenge web page. Entries must adhere to the required format.
  3. By submitting your entry, you hereby warrant that all information submitted by you is true, current and complete and you acknowledge and agree to these Terms and Conditions. When participating in the Contest, you are also subject to the general terms and conditions of use of the Website and express your agreement with and understanding of the terms of service.
  4. Vivo Malaysia reserved full rights to alter the decision without prior notice. No dispute will be entertained as the decision made is solely based on the outcome of the participants.
  5. Only one entry will be accepted per person
  6. All Participants in the Contest must be the residence of Malaysia or with valid Permanent Residency of Malaysia.
  7. This offer and prize cannot be converted to a cash value.
  8. The competition applies to matches (games) chosen and advertised by Vivo Malaysia.
  9. Vivo Malaysia reserves the right to refuse to accept application names that are considered by Vivo Malaysia in its sole discretion to be inappropriate or offensive.
  10. All winners will be notified by e-mail (in the event that vivo is not able to contact the winner by email vivo shall be entitled to select an alternative Participant).
  11. Vivo Malaysia may, at its sole discretion, suspend a Participant, disqualify any entry or vary, amend or waive the Rules and/or the Terms and Conditions at any time or cancel the Contest at any time in the event of circumstances arising beyond Vivo Malaysia's control or which make it desirable to do so. The Participants agree that no liability shall attach to Vivo Malaysia Online as a result this.
  12. Once winners have been chosen and announced, the prize is available to claim for 30 days from date of email confirmation sent to winners. After this 30 day period prizes cannot be claimed.
  13. The competition is valid until 12:00am 14/07/2018.